What to do if Your Vaping Equipment gets Damaged

So you’ve been thoroughly enjoying your E liquid from , which is known for its’ premium gourmet quality vapers. You love the convenience that E liquid offers you and the amazing tastes that are offered through the company. Then the worst case scenario happens, your vaping equipment gets damaged and you’re left asking – “now what”? Before getting too upset it’s important to take a look at what the damage is.

Survey the Damage

First off it’s important to survey the damage to determine just how bad the problem is and where it is. Sometimes what seems like a really big problem isn’t the case at all and just involves a simple fast fix. As well before assuming anything is broken be sure that all parts are properly fitting together and your battery is fully charged.

Some of the areas that may be damaged are the main switch, the contacts, or the battery may be damaged or corroded. If you’re the handy type these may be problems you can fix on your own by replacing a part or two. If you’re not particularly handy searching for a reputable dealer that is able to perform cost-effective repairs is likely the best option.

Keep in mind before you go ahead with any repairs you will want to do a price comparison of new equipment because sometimes it’s cheaper to just buy a whole new unit, especially with the ever-increasing deals and packages that seem to be available nowadays.

Protecting your Investment >

Moving forward there are some general rules of thumb you can follow to protect your investment and keep your equipment in new condition or at least as close to new condition as possible. Here are a few things you can do in order to prolong the life of your equipment.

If you’re the type that likes to take long drags of 20 seconds or more you may want to put an end to this. It has been shown that this can cause problems with the atomiser and cut down on the unit’s lifespan. – Another common mistake is that people place their e-cigarette in their back pocket after using it, only to forget it’s there and end up sitting on it. Try not to get into this habit and find a safer place to store it when not in use.

As well, when not in use it’s important to turn it off so you don’t cause unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment and again risk damaging it. It’s also a good idea not to let the liquid get too low and burn out. Always follow the provided instructions on how to clean your equipment and follow the schedule of how often to clean it. With just a few simple steps and some general knowledge you’ll be able to keep your equipment in pristine condition for much longer than you may have thought possible and even do little repairs yourself here and there.

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