ThermoVape T1 Review

The T1 is a battery powered portable vaporizer that’s manufactured by Thermo-Essence Technologies entirely in the United States of America from US-sourced aluminum. A virtually indestructible design that boasts electroless nickel plated aluminum, insulated with Delrin, makes this one of the toughest and most durable portables that we’ve ever reviewed. Surprisingly, it’s also reasonably lightweight and relatively, compact; making it small enough to fit into most pockets. Not only is this one of the most durable we’ve come across in our travels, it’s also one of the most reliable, as it’s capable of vaporizing at any altitude regardless of whether or not the wind is blowing or the skies are pouring rain. Even when it’s cold outside, the T1 will consistently perform as requested. If you’re looking for a solid convection vaporizer that’s roughly the shape and size of a cigar, completely cordless, and capable of quickly producing quality vapor, this could very well be the vaporizer for you.

ThermoVape T1 Temperature

When it comes to temperature control, the T1 isn’t necessarily the most sophisticated, however, it’s just as easy to use as the now infamous Magic Flight Launch Box. Every unit is calibrated to vaporize between a temperature range of 390° – 400°F (198° – 204°C). As for the heating time, the manufacturer seems to suggest that the unit is capable of heating up after a mere 5 – 10 seconds of holding the power switch in the on position. While this may be true, we here at Vape Forest prefer to slide the power switch up and hold it in the on position for at least 15 seconds before beginning to draw vapor through the device. When it comes to temperature control, the T1 certainly has room for improvement, as we would have preferred to at least have the option of preset temperatures to choose from. Regardless, it seems to heat up quickly and does an excellent job of producing undistorted hi-quality vapor.


As we stated in the introductory paragraph, these hi-tech gizmos are constructed from US-sourced nickel plated aluminum that is insulated with Polyoxymethylene/Delrin. Lightweight and more than capable of taking a little impact makes the T1 one of the toughest portables that we’ve reviewed to date. The design is one in which all of the major components are threaded and screw together. This simple yet effective modular design makes implementing accessories such as the 14G “All Glass” adapter and liquid vaporizer conversion kit relatively easy and straight-forward, as they simply screw into place.

Weight, Size, & Power

Seeing as these are amongst the durable vapes around, it may come as a surprise to find that they only weigh 3.5 ounces. As far as the dimensions are concerned, the T1 measures 5.6″ long, 1″ wide, and 1″ tall. Not quite as compact as the MFLB, yet still compact enough for us to consider a pocket-friendly vaporizer. Power is derived from two 3.2 volt 123a Lithium-ion polymer batteries wire built specifically for the unit. These RCR123A LFP 3.2v batteries can be conveniently recharged up to 1,000 times, two at a time, with the battery charger included with the kit. Two batteries are contained within a set and a single set is capable of powering the dual core ceramic stabilized heating element. The heating core is a patented system which utilizes medical device grade porous ceramic which is inert and capable of operating at a temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. A solder-free proprietary heating coil is shielded by a Delrin sleeve which insulates it.

How To Use The T1

This is one of those units that hardly requires a manual to use. Simply unscrew the mid-section to expose the chamber where you’ll insert two fully charged batteries to power the device. Next, unscrew the top that holds the mouthpiece to expose the filling chamber where you’ll carefully load your ground blend. Put everything back together, insert the mouthpiece, and slide the power button up and hold it there for five to ten seconds before beginning to draw vapor. We’ve always had an inclination to hold the power switch up for a little longer before we begin taking draws, however, this is something you’ll have to figure out for yourself as it pertains to personal preference. Due to the rate at which you run through batteries, we suggest keeping your batteries fully charged and throwing a used set onto the charger immediately after use.

What It Comes With

Every ThermoVape T1 vaporizer kit comes with a Tenergy battery charger, car charger adapter, wall adapter, user guide, and six RCR123a batteries. To reiterate what’s included in list format for easy reading:

  • 1 x Portable Vaporizer
  • 1 x Tenergy Battery Charger
  • 1 x Tenergy Charger Wall Adapter
  • 1 x Tenergy Charger Car Adapter
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 6 x Tenergy Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries

ThermoVape T1 Accessories

While there are certainly quite a few vaporizer accessories to choose from with this particular model, the manufacturer has unfortunately decided to discontinue selling accessories for their first generation vaporizers; the first generation includes T1, Revolution, AVA, and Evolution vaporizers. While this may seem like quite the setback, accessories for these models are still available from a variety of outlets. All of this is subject to change without our notice. Regardless of all this, here’s what you clicked on the “Accessories” tab to find:

All Glass 14G Adapter – This adapter can be used to create an all glass vapor pathway using glass on glass technology.

Glass Adapter High-Temperature PTFE – High-temperature Teflon glass adapter which works with both the T1 as well as the Evolution. Replaces the standard mouthpiece.

AC Power Supply – Allows the unit to plug directly into a wall outlet for endless vapor production without the need for batteries. Comes in black and white.

Evolution Conversion Kit – The conversion kit takes the T1 to the next level by converting it into a ThermoVape Evolution which boasts improved battery efficiency and a 510 compatible thread that works with other 6V power supplies.

Non-Stick Vapor Tool – Multi-use tool primarily designed to load essential oils and concentrates, stir the bowl, and clean/remove plant matter.

Smooth-Flow Moisture Conditioner – The inline moisture conditioner is a ceramic reservoir in the vapor pathway that traps water to moisture condition vapor prior to inhalation. Used to mitigate the dry-lung sensation.

Tru-Flow UFO Mouthpiece – Filtered mouthpiece that is inserted into the T1′s top cap.

Extended Mouthpiece – Mouthpiece that’s longer than the standard mouthpiece provided with the T1 kit.

Revolution Style Mouthpiece – T1 mouthpiece in the ThermoVape Revolution style.

Liquid Vaporizer Conversion Kit – This kit transforms the T1 into a liquid and oil vaporizer.

ThermoVape T1 Warranty

The T1 vaporizer is covered by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty which protects against defects that come as a result of the manufacturing process. Batteries are considered consumables that require eventual replacement. The heater core is also considered a consumable element and is subsequently only covered by a 3-month warranty, as the core is continuously subjected to fatigue and heat cycling. No attempts to repair or disassemble the device should be made by a user, as tampering with the device voids, the warranty and repairs are performed solely by the manufacturer at their facility. Always check the warranty information provided by the manufacturer and vaporizer store, from which you intend on purchasing your T1, at the time of purchase for accurate information pertaining to warranty coverage. Also, you may have additional rights based on the laws in your area so know your rights!

Technical Information

Heating Time: Less Than 30 Seconds

Temperature Range: 390° – 400°F

Method: Convection

Type: Portable, Electric, Direct Draw, *Liquid/Oil

Is This ThermoVape Vaporizer The Right One For You?

If you’re tired of overly complex vaporizers that are bulky, unreliable, or difficult to use, this 1st Generation ThermoVape could very well be the easy-to-use portable vaporizing solution that you’ve been dreaming of. These silent vaporizers produce some of the purest vapor we’ve had the luxury of inhaling, especially when compared to other portables such as the Palm or Puffit. Perhaps one of the more commonly overlooked aspects of the T1 that we thoroughly appreciate is its ability to vaporize not only dry blends but also liquids and oils via its liquid vaporizer conversion kit accessory.

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