Sugar Freak E-Liquid by SK Liquids Review

The wonderful flavor note of sweet banana bread is present on the inhale in Sugar Freak E-Liquid by SK Liquids.  I found this to be both natural and very sweet at the same time! It is very cleverly done, and reminds me of the texture you get from homemade sweet banana bread made by grandma. I actually got quite an undertone of wafers flavor too, which blends in with the sweet banana bread perfectly. This is a sublime e-liquid absolutely packed with top-notch flavor! This nice surreal taste makes Sugar Freak E-Liquid an ideal choice for a dessert vape.

After you’re done with your dinner or lunch, just setup your vape kit with this e-juice and let the magic happen. This magic won’t happen instantly, but slowly and steadily; an experience you will love. If you have a liking for such vapes, then you’ll surely become fond of this e-liquid in no time.

It is also important to note that this e-liquid does not leave any unwanted aftertaste, nor will you experience any coughing or nose tingling sensation. Simply put, you won’t experience any negative side-effects after inhaling this e-juice. It is made solely to relax you.

Sugar Freak E-Liquid is a 5-star e-liquid. It tastes exactly how it is supposed to. Vaping this will remind you of eating sweet banana bread and wafers. It is smooth and sweet with no chemical aftertaste. This e-liquid does not appear to be pre-steeped by SK Liquids. Although you are going to get the full flavor once you take it out of the box, you can choose to steep it if you think the flavors needs more than you’re getting.

On the inhale, you get the sweet banana bread and wafers. When you exhale, the taste does not change much, but it has a nice caramel finish. This is the kind of e-liquid that you can vape after your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is an all day vape, any day. Overall, the taste of Sugar Freak E-Liquid has moderate intensity. You will not struggle to figure out what is in the blend, but it does not overwhelm your taste buds. SK Liquids surely continues to maintain its place as an incredible vape juice manufacturer with an amazing ability for blending different variations of minty, sweet, sour and pleasant fruity flavors.

Investment in high-quality flavor extracts and blends has always been a major key to SK Liquids’ success. The great name in the vape juice manufacturing industry that is SK Liquids has been strongly devoted to using high-quality ingredients since its establishment. Their commitment to high standards in manufacturing e-liquids is clearly seen in the amazingly refreshing and delicate flavors contained inside each SK Liquids e-juice bottle. Sugar Freak E-Liquid is no exception.

What’s even more amazing is that with its uniqueness, SK Liquids has won over even the vapers who have attempted to recreate their recipe but came nowhere close to reaching the same blend complexity and flavor experience. Sugar Freak E-Liquid like all other SK Liquids flavors contains high-quality vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 65/35. This e-juice has a thick and smooth texture. This texture makes Sugar Freak ideal for dripping. Flavor chasers will enjoy vaping SK Liquids from an RDA. You can also vape Sugar Freak E-Liquid e-juice with a sub-ohm tank. Sugar Freak E-Liquid’s simple approach combines smooth vaping experience with exquisite taste. Sugar Freak E-Liquid comes in four nicotine concentration levels. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg and 12 of nicotine. 0 mg or no nicotine for new vapers or vapers who aren’t really interested in the nicotine content or with little or no cravings for nicotine, the 3 mg is usually used by drippers or sub-ohm tank users. This is best for vapers who are stepping down from higher nicotine levels, 6mg or low nicotine for those who want that extra kick or are substantial smokers, that is light to moderate smokers and the 12mg for heavy smokers who want to ditch the fire and smoke for vaping.Vapers with tanks or atomizers usually use this. All come in 30ml bottles at along with other selected high-quality products by top brands. All comes with some of the best deals you can get.

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