Safety of Electronic Cigarettes

One of the reasons why people decide to switch from tobacco products to electronic cigarettes is to minimize their health risks.There are multiple factors that make electronic cigarettes a better option compared to traditional cigarettes. We are highlighting a few of them:

1. E-cigarettes are not lit with a naked flame.

This is a simple but important point that makes electronic cigarettes safer than the traditional counterparts. Discarded cigarette butts can lead to fires but since e-cigs are not flammable, they are much safer. Eliminating the need lighters or matches reduces the risk of fire or burns.

2. Personal risk of being burnt.

It is not unheard of accidental burns caused by traditional cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, this danger is eliminated because they are simply a device that produces vapor and the heating produced is harmless.

3. No ash means less waste.

Electronic cigarettes do not produce ash which means less waste around the house. There is no need to clean ashtrays and no risk to get ashes in clothes, furniture and even worse, food. Thanks to electronic cigarettes, you can smoke without creating a mess.

4. Better for the Environment.

Another remarkable advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they are better for the environment. They don’t produce the same level of waste and contamination created by tobacco cigarettes. In addition, they don’t produce the bad smell that comes with tobacco. The benefits of electronic cigarettes over tobacco products are clear. They offer a safer smoking experience and a cleaner environment.

5. Electronic Cigarettes automatically shut down.

There are many reports of fires started by discarded cigarette butts. Electronic cigarettes are a safer way to smoke, simply because they don’t carry the same fire hazard of regular cigs. You don’t need an ashtray while using your electronic cigarette and when you finish with it, you just have to put it down without worrying about starting a fire.

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