Research Shows E-Liquid Flavors Could Save Lives

The appealing characteristics of vape products, such as e-liquid flavors, have significantly influenced e-cigarette use. Although studies have found that vaping helps to reduce the harm for smokers, questions still exist on how e-liquid products save lives by helping cigarette smokers to quit the unhealthy habit. The role of e-liquid flavors in the decision to switch to vaping and refrain from traditional tobacco smoking is something many critics of vaping do not understand.

What research survey on vaping actually found

I am sure that you have come across a number of published studies on vaping. You will agree with me that the number of research on the benefits of vaping and e-liquid flavors is not very huge.  Vaping critics avoid mentioning how e-liquid flavors make smokers switch to vaping which has been found to be healthier. The published research criticizing use of vaping products also fail to mention how e-liquid flavors help previous smokers from relapsing from vaping to tobacco smoking.

According to a study conducted by Konstantinos Farsalinos that surveyed over 4000 vapers, 48.5% of the respondents stated that banning or restricting e-juice flavors will increase cravings for cigarettes. Another 39% of the surveyed vapers felt that decreasing the number of flavors in the market will make it difficult for them to quit smoking. 

Non-tobacco e-juice flavors have now increasingly become more popular in quitting smoking initiation to vaping. This is backed by a recent survey to understand the patterns of flavored e-cigarette use among adult vapers. According to the study that surveyed over 7000 adult vapers in the United States, non-tobacco e-juice flavors were the popular choice for individuals starting to vape. The conclusion of the study was that banning e-liquid flavors would cause a decrease in people starting to vape and an increase in people relapsing back from vaping to cigarette smoking.

In most recent research by Russell et al. (2018) investigating the changing e-cigarette flavors in the United States, a higher proportion of smokers preferred vape non-tobacco flavors. Within three months, these smokers went on to completely quit smoking. These studies show how non-tobacco e-liquid flavors increase the success rate of completely switching from smoking to vaping. This is backed by a study conducted by Buckell et al. (2017) on whether e-juice flavors should be banned in vaping products. The researchers’ experiment on 2000 adult vapers found that banning e-liquid flavors would cause an increase in smoking rates.

In another similar most recent research conducted by Pacek et al. (2019), 17% of the 240 young adults who dual-use (smoke cigarettes and use vape products) claimed they would smoke more if e-juice flavors were limited to tobacco.

The argument that e-liquid flavors play a key role in helping people to switch to vaping and lowering combustible smoking is supported by research data collected by JUUL Lab. According to their research on the role of flavor in people switching from combustible cigarettes, people who vaped menthol and mint were 23% most likely to switch to vaping compared to those who vaped tobacco e-juice flavors.

Can E-liquid flavors help dual vapers to quit smoking?

The truth is, not everyone will switch to vaping immediately they get introduced to it.  The first puff on an e-cigarette does not mean it is one’s last puff on combustible tobacco smoking. In my personal experience, the increase of e-liquid flavors in the market helps dual vapers to retain an interest in vaping. I know people who still smoke a few sticks of cigarettes daily but continue to experiment with different e-juice flavors. As long as the flavors retain the interest of the dual vapers, they will smoke less and hopefully completely switch to 100% vaping. For those who still smoke cigarettes, it is only a matter of identifying that perfect e-liquid flavor before they also switch to vaping fully.

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