Puffit Vaporizer Review

Discreet Vape, a company we had never heard of prior to the release of their portable vaporizer that looks like an inhaler, dropped the Puffit back in 2012 and it created quite the commotion amongst vapor enthusiasts the world over. Between the eight temperature settings, reasonably quick heat up time (roughly 30 seconds or less), cordless, silent, compact, and easy to use design, Puffits quickly joined the ranks of the most popular battery-powered portable vaporizers to date. If it’s an inconspicuously designed handheld that you’re after, the Puffit could very well be your ideal solution, as this stealth vape is quite possibly the sneakiest on the market.  If you’re not quite ready and you have still had questions, continue reading this review and be sure to watch the video below to learn more about the vape that Anton Tobias, Devon Sawa’s character in the movie Idle Hands, surely would have loved to have in his pocket instead of draped around his neck like the crudely constructed inhaler pipe he wore in the late 90s film.

Puffit Size, Weight, & Power

Puffit vaporizers not only look like real inhalers such as those used to treat asthma, they’re also roughly the same size which is convenient in more ways than one. The actual dimensions of the device are 3.5 inches in height and 1-1/8 inches in width. With the compact size and a weight of only 2.6 ounces, this is one truly portable device. A fully charged battery should offer anywhere from 25 to 30 cycles before it will need to be recharged. In order to recharge the internal lithium-ion battery, simply remove the mouthpiece and plug-in the USB cord. Using a USB cord to recharge the Puffit battery makes recharging quite convenient for those who happen to find themselves on a desktop or laptop computers.

Puffit Temperature

Spectrum A total of eight preset temperature settings allow the Puffit to vaporizer across a temperature spectrum spanning as low as 250°F and as high as 430° Fahrenheit. This is the equivalent to 120°C – 220° Celsius. The numbers on the wheel/dial correspond with the following temperatures:

  • Level 1 – 250°F
  • Level 2 – 280°F
  • Level 3 – 300°F
  • Level 4 – 330°F
  • Level 5 – 350°F
  • Level 6 – 380°F
  • Level 7 – 400°F
  • Level 8 – 430°F


How To Use Puffit

Using these inhaler-esque portable vaporizers is fairly straight forward. Start with deciding whether or not to use the silicone heat shield; the shield is placed on the top of the heating chamber’s lid. Vape Forest recommends using the heat shield, especially when the higher end of the unit’s vaporizing temperature spectrum is in use. Next, you’ll have the option of choosing whether or not you would like to use the internal stirring tool or the “Vape Enhancer Thingy.” The latter of which is our preferred, as the Enhancer distributes the blend in a more effective manner. Before you use it, you’ll want to ensure that any residue(s) leftover as a result of the manufacturing process are expelled from the unit. In order to do so, execute what is commonly referred to as a “pre-burn” cycle by selecting the highest temperature setting — level “8″ on the temperature wheel, located beneath the hygienic mouthpiece cover — and run the device through the heating cycle until any noticeable odor has been eliminated. Note: pre-burning is standard operating procedure for most, if not all, new vaporizers. Back to usage, once you have chosen and installed your preferred accessories, remove the chamber lid by gently twisting it to the neutral unlock position and sliding it off. Once you’ve gained access to the heating chamber, load your ground blend and replace the lid. Next, remove the mouthpiece cover and if you haven’t already, remove the hygienic mouthpiece and adjust the temperature wheel to the desired setting (check the “Temperature” tab to the left for more information on the various temperature settings). After replacing the mouthpiece, press and hold the top chamber cap down until the red indicator light begins blinking. Once it has reached the desired vaporizing temperature, the indicator light will glow a solid green color. Begin inhaling. You should get anywhere from one to three draws of vapor before the indicator begins glowing orange, indicating that it is cooling down and not quite ready to begin the next cycle. The light will quickly change from orange to red, letting you know that it’s once again ready to begin the heating cycle. When you’re finished, simply replace the mouthpiece cover and the Puffit vaporizer automatically turns off. After the initial heating cycle, which takes anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds on average, the unit should heat up significantly quicker with subsequent cycles. This is assuming that it doesn’t remain idle for extended periods of time between cycles. After idling for 90 seconds, the device will automatically shut off to conserve battery life.

Puffit Warranty Coverage

Every Puffit portable vaporizer is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty which is restricted to normal product use. The internal lithium battery is covered by a 90-day warranty. The integrated high power battery is not user replaceable and should be charged regularly to help ensure longevity. The battery, when properly cared for and charged regularly, should last for multiple years.

What It Comes With

Here’s a brief overview of what is included with the purchase of every Puffit vape: one warranty (click the “Warranty” tab for more information), a neoprene carrying case, USB charger, cleaning tool, optional stir tool, optional Vape Enhancer Thingy, a few hygienic mouthpieces, a silicone shield, instructions, and four replacement screens. For the sake of easy viewing, here’s a list of what’s included:

  •  1 x Puffit Portable Vaporizer
  • 1 x Optional Internal Stir Tool
  • 1 x Optional Vape Enhancer Thingy
  • 1 x Instructions
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Silicone Heat Shield
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x Warranty
  • 1 x Neoprene Carrying Case
  • 3 x Hygienic Mouthpiece
  • 4 x Replacement Screens

Technical Information

A high-grade gold plated heating chamber is combined with an internal microprocessor to achieve vaporization at multiple temperature levels in less than roughly thirty seconds. Redundant temperature sensors in combination with a microprocessor are used to accurately monitor and adjust the internal vaporizing temperature more than one-hundred times per second. Silicone is used in the construction of the heat shield which provides a reduction in outside surface temperature. Discreet Vape’s Puffit vaporizers, like many hi-tech gizmos including Apple’s iPad, are made in China. Every unit is equipped with a 90-second automated shut off feature.

Is Discreet Vape’s Puffit The Right Vaporizer For You?

If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that operates silently, looks inconspicuous, and fits in your pocket, the Puffit could very well be exactly what you’re looking for. They’re available in two colors, the original black and now blue.

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