How to: Fit a tank on a Gripper

Here’s the problem, the Gripper is a lovely little mod just at a simply fantastic stealth size, but due to the design, the connector is “hidden” very low down the tube. It works great with cartomizers on the go but unfortunately for a bit more hard to use it with an atomizer or a tank. My little solution for this problem cost me $3.. and takes so little skill that even I could do it!

What you will need:

  • An XL cargo (old burned one works well)
  • a 510 connector (buy one!)
  • one little bit of wire
  • a tiny bit of soldering wire
  • soldering iron and misc tools

Now.. a WARNING:

I like to solder in the nude and touch the red hot soldering iron with my bare skin often to assert my masculinity… however, this is apparently a wrong method, so please do be careful when using a soldering iron to avoid any accidents.

What we’ll be doing:

This is a cheap, simple way to make a very long 510 extender. Nothing fancy.


  1. Screw the cartomizer onto an unloved or dead battery/mod. Rock it back and forth at the connector until it comes apart. This takes a little bit of time but it is completely doable.. and it comes away quite clean.
  2. Pull the connector out of the tube. The guts of the cartomizer should go with it. Don’t throw away anything just yet.
  3. Take a moment to examine the simplicity of the dual coil cartomizer.. and kick yourself for not having come up with it first.
  4. Solder the wire to the center post of the 510 connectors. I prefer to pass the wire through the hole and solder at the front.
  5. Pass the wire through the empty cartomizer tube (aren’t you happy you didn’t throw it away?) and solder the center column of the cartomizer connector to it
  6. Apply pressure (a lot of it) to both ends of your almost completed adaptor until both connectors are on the tube.
  7. Crack open a beer and marvel at your creation!

Before using your new toy it’s best to make sure you don’t have a short (while you are at it get rid of speedos too). Try metering the adapter.. from center post (positive) to the outer connector the resistance should be infinite, anything lower means there’s a short, and this could hurt your mod.

Now.. the gripper possibilities are endless!

Cartomizers/Tanks tips and tricks

  • Always foremost your tanks, XL tanks will grasp between 20-30 drops on primary
  • Once primed, enable to stand for 20-30 minutes before start vaping
  • Firing a nonprimed cartomizer will result in cartomizer unusable and destroying
  • You can still take return your tanks if it is within 48 hours
  • To check if a tank is DOA, check the resistance of the tank using a multimeter if it reads it is OK.
  • If you do not have access to a mod or multimeter then priming the cartomizer and firing will ensure that the tank is not DOA
  • Once a tanks is primed its recommended to blow through any excess e-juice into a tissue.
  • Using just one flavor in a tank will keep it at its best performance
  • Pre-punched tanks may need adjustment for proper juice regulation
  • Tanks made from Pyrex/glass (Glassomizers) will not be liable to cracking with very strong e-liquids such as strong citrus and menthol flavors .

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