Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

The Extreme Q 4.0, which comes as a vast improvement over Arizer’s original V-Tower, is an efficient and relatively inexpensive digital vaporizer that offers the convenience of a remote control and the versatility of all three methods of vapor delivery. Assembled in Canada from high-quality components, these reasonably priced digital vaporizers incorporate solid state circuitry, quiet new 3-speed fans (77% quieter than the previous model), clear view LCD screens, and triple heat sensors which ensure precision temperature control. While there are certainly other variables worth taking into account, it’s the Q’s low retail cost compounded with its ability to deliver vapor in an ambient fashion, through a whip, or via a balloon, that has compelled us to award it one of the highest ratings we have ever awarded a desktop unit. If you’re interested in buying the Extreme Q, you can click here to buy yours from the same store where we got ours. They’re an authorized retailer of Arizer vaporizers so you can rest assured in knowing that your purchase will be covered by the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty.

 Vapor Delivery Options

Extreme Q Bags – Extreme Q vaporizer bags can be filled with vapor in less than 90 seconds using the 3-speed fan system. The three fan speeds allow for different densities of vapor production so select the speed that coincides with your own personal preference; our preference is the lowest setting known as F1. Check the “Extreme Q-Tips” tab to learn how we use our bags.

Hands-Free Whip & Wand – The ground glass assembly does not require you to hold anything in place while you vaporize. The whip elbow rotates around 360 degrees which allow for convenient sharing when multiple people have gathered around the device. This is our preferred method of delivery when it comes to this particular vape.

Ambient Aromatherapy – The potpourri bowl in combination with the 3-speed fan allows for the ambient release of aromatic vapors.

Extreme Q Vaporizer Tips

When using the bag vaporizer, you’ll notice a lack of a valve. By placing your thumb over the mouthpiece in such a way as to obstruct the flow of vapor, you can prevent any vapor from escaping while the bag is not in use. While this may be obvious, we have a couple of other approaches to resolving this lack of a valve that may prove more convenient. For instance, a rubber band can be used to prevent vapor from escaping, however, our preferred method is to use a cheap plastic hose clamp (often found alongside distillation supplies). If you’ve ever wondered how to change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice verse, you simply power the device on and press the “M” button six times to cycle through the menu until you see an “F” or a “C” on the display and then select your preference using the up and down arrows to the right of the screen.


Arizer Extreme Q 4.0 is made in Canada from high-quality components and boasts a total of 27 design improvements over prior models. The durable dual wall stainless steel housing was selected in order to prevent the unit from becoming too hot to touch. The digital display and control panel are attached to an aluminum housing and the inside of the unit is lined with safe non-toxic insulation. An automated shut-off feature comes standard with every unit with a 2 or 4-hour delay setting on the sleep timer. This prevents the unit from being left on for extended periods of time while it’s not in use. Version 4 has been redesigned with a fan that is 77% more quiet (Q is for quiet) than earlier versions and reengineered with solid state circuitry that allows for more efficient temperature control and vaporization. They also take advantage of the Extreme V-Tower vaporizer’s patented upright Cyclone Bowl, which was essentially the key to the V-Tower’s success. A Cyclone Tuff Bowl is also available for those interested in a more durable option. Arizer’s thoroughly tested ceramic heating element was incorporated into the vertical design of the Extreme Q’s vaporizer. The materials which comprise the vapor pathway were selected by the manufacturer based on the quality of vapor they were able to produce. The non-toxic tubing that is the whip is medical-grade. Multiple stainless steel screens are used in the whip/wand and bag assemblies. The screens are relatively easy to replace.

Extreme Q Temperature

The Extreme vaporizer can operate at a temperature as low as 122°F (50°C) or as high as 500°F (260°C). This wide range of temperatures available for use further enhances the versatility of an already versatile unit. While our temperature preference when using the Extreme Q with dry blends lies between 390°F and 410°F, we highly suggest you experiment in order to discover your own personal preference when it comes to the vaporizer temperature.

Extreme Q Remote

With every purchase of the Extreme Q, a remote control is included. The remote is powered by a lithium battery and is capable of powering the unit on and off, toggling the audio, adjusting the temperature up as well as down, activating/deactivating the fan, adjusting the fan speed, toggling the cool blue light underneath the unit, and quickly selecting between six different temperature presets. The system also utilizes temperature recall to remember and implement the last temperature used.

How To Use 4.0

Using the Arizer Extreme is fairly simple, however, before you begin vaporizing with a new unit, you should always run a pre-burn cycle to rid the vapor pathway of any residues left over as a result of the manufacturing process. In order to do so, turn the power on and crank the heat all the way up and leave it on until it ceases to emit a noticeable odor. Once complete, the unit is ready for use. Simply grind the dry blend of your preference and load it into the Cyclone or Potpourri Bowl included with every purchase. You can place the bowl on top of the heater at any point, however, we prefer to place it on before the heating element starts up. When loading your blend, try not to overload the bowl. Seeing as using the whip is pretty much straight forward, we’ll briefly cover using the bag. Attach your bag to the elbow and switch the fan speed to F1 or above in order to begin filling the bag with vapor. Once the bag is full, turn the fan off and detach the bag. You’re ready to begin drawing vapor from the bag at your convenience.

What It Comes With

When you purchase version 4.0 of the Q, it will come with everything you need to begin vaporizing which includes a couple of mouthpieces, two cyclone bowls, a potpourri warming dish, the remote control, a power cord 110V-240V, stirring tool, a couple of replacement screens, instructions, two inflation balloons, balloon assembly glass fittings, one short whip, and one 3′ long whip. Here’s a complete list of everything that’s included:

  • 1 x Extreme Q Digital Vaporizer
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Glass Stir Tool
  • 1 x Glass Potpourri Warming Dish
  • 1 x Instructions/Manual
  • 1 x Power Cord 110V-240V
  • 1 x Short Whip
  • 1 x Long Whip (3′)
  • 2 x Vaporizer Bags
  • 2 x Glass Bag Fittings
  • 2 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 2 x Glass Cyclone Bowls
  • 2 x Replacement Screens

Extreme Q Accessories

Arizer has made quite a few accessories available for their high-end digital vape and they include a 14mm water adapter that lets you hook the unit up to a water pipe, a glass “Tuff” bowl which is more durable, a 9′ long whip, an external battery pack which allows the unit to operate in a portable fashion, screen packs, and more. Glass Tuff Bowls are enclosed with protective cases made from Teflon Rubber and are subsequently considerably more durable than the regular hurricane bowls.

Warranty Coverage

The Extreme Q vaporizer warranty covers defects in materials and craftsmanship that occur as a result of normal use and only when the unit has been purchased through an authorized retail outlet. The warranty is valid with a lifetime warranty which applies only to the failure of the glass shrouded ceramic heater. Every unit is guaranteed to be fully functional and free of manufacturing defects upon arrival. If it is proven to be defective, contact the retailer from which it was purchased as soon as possible in order to obtain a replacement. Limitations and exclusions may not apply to you, as you may have additional rights beyond those which the warranty entitles to you as a result of the laws in your area. Other restrictions may apply. Make sure you check the warranty information at the time of purchase.

Technical Information

Heating Time: Less Than 3 Minutes

Temperature Range: 122° – 500°F

Method: Convection

Type: Desktop, Electric, Forced Air, Balloon, Whip, Ambient, *Portable, *Water Filtered

Is The Extreme Q The Right Vaporizer For You?

If you’re looking for an affordable desktop vaporizing solution that not only works but does it all, you want an Extreme Q. Not only do they deliver via all three popular methods, they’re also capable of transforming from plug-in desktops to portable vaporizers with the application of their external battery pack accessory. They can also draw vapor through your favorite 14mm water filtration system using the 14mm water adapter and if the whip wasn’t long enough, an extra-long whip kit is also available. Between all of the accessories, the overall quality of the vapor produced, the convenient remote control, versatility, durability, and low cost, the Extreme Q vaporizer just might be the best vaporizer for the money. If money isn’t an issue and you want the best balloon vaporizer on the market, go with a Volcano, but if money is tight or you’re on a budget, go with an Extreme Q because it offers more bang for your buck than any other desktop we’ve used.

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