Colossus by Cyclops Vapor | Vanilla Custard Review

Everything I’ve tasted from Cyclops Vapor to date has been magnificent. They’ve mostly been fruity/candy style vapes, so I was eager to dive into their vanilla custard juice since it is a very different style and I’ve heard some very impressive things about it.

As the Custard craze has swept through the e-liquid community, more and more of them have been making their way into my hands. With a few vanilla custards already posted, and a few more waiting in the steeping drawer.

I’ve gotten a good enough idea of what I should be expecting from the various concentrates available, but much like candy green apple flavors, or banana bread e-juice, there usually isn’t a huge variation in these mixes, yet each has its defining characteristics and subtle nuances that make it different from the others.

Cyclops Vapor has never let me down in the past, displaying a consistent level of quality and craftsmanship, so I was eager to see what they could do with this relatively straightforward, yet decidedly complex flavor, Vanilla Custard.

Before we get into what you should expect from a juice like this, I want to touch on the differences, from a culinary perspective, about exactly what a custard is.

I often hear people say it’s just the British word for what Americans call pudding, and while the two share some similarities, that’s not entirely true. Desserts tend to use a starch as the thickening agent where custards use eggs. The result is very similar in texture, but due to the egg in the custard, and the method of slowly cooking the egg to firm up the mixture.

The eliquid flavor profile of custard tends to have been more complicated than starch-thickened puddings, and Cyclops Vapor has hit the nail squarely on the head with their Vanilla Custard. The vanilla flavor is deep, rich, and immensely satisfying.

The bottle labeling is nice, includes the usual  Ingredients, warnings, PG/VG Ratio, Nicotine level, and even batch number and bottling date.


  • Weight:0.30 LBS
  • Strength:0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • Size:1oz, 2oz, 4oz
  • Smooth vape at 65vg 35mg

It’s a clean, creamy, natural tasting vanilla that is, on its own quite tasty, but when combined with the decadent flavors of the custard, this juice jumps to a whole other level. There is the slight nutty undertone of cooked milk, and a mild caramelized sugar tone accompanying the unmistakable soft, velvety, custard. While the flavor here is spot-on, the total wattage of your rig is a contributing factor…take this one too hot, and this profile takes on an unfortunately burnt tone, and while it doesn’t utterly spoil the vape, it’s far more enjoyable along the cooler portion of the normal vaping wattage spectrum.

While I ran this juice through several different sub-Ω configurations at various wattage, in the end, I don’t feel as if that’s a suitable environment for this blend of flavors. If you do decide to go the mech/RBA route with Gremlin’s Vanilla Custard, I recommend building at .8Ω and up, while ensuring an abundance of air flow over the coils. This will produce good flavor, texture, and throat hit. I preferred it on the ProVari at a cool 8.1w or 4.5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. This kept all the lush, creamy flavor at its peak while providing an excellent throat hit and ample clouds as well.

Beyond that, there is little to say about this juice, the flavor is spot on vanilla custard, not instant pudding powder, not even homemade stove top cooked pudding, but the velvety smooth, pillowy soft custard that has been slowly cooked by a skilled pastry chef until the precise moment when it reaches the perfect consistency. Vanilla Custard is clearly made with immaculately clean tasting base liquids, high-quality flavoring components, and comes from the hands of a skilled mixer.

The vape juice flavor, while difficult to describe, is ethereal…rich, smooth, dense, and sweet enough to provide that guilty sense of overindulgence, but keep in mind, wattage is essential. On the ProVari, I kept it at 8.8w or less (4.7v on a 2.5Ω at) which kept the flavors well in check while providing a mild throat hit with good cloud production.

As I mentioned earlier, if you plan to take this on sub-Ω, you’ll probably want to keep it at .6-.8Ω (or have large air intakes to cool your coils quickly) to maintain the intended profile. Once you dial in (or build too) the sweet spot, this is a delicious juice from a vendor that I have come to expect nothing less from.

Price: $13.99


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