CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain + Mobility (300mg) by Penelope’s Bloom Review

There are some visible pointers that show you that your fur buddy has developed joint problems. These pointers include but are not limited to increased irritability, lagging behind during a stroll, late wake-up time, limping, oversleeping, disinterest in games, excessive licking of a sore joint. Joint problems in dogs could be a symptom of Canine Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is an inflammation of the joints caused by the deterioration of the cartilage. It is common among large breeds and older dogs.

Is there a cure for Canine Osteoarthritis?
Not really. There is no known cure yet. Such dogs are just nursed to reduce the symptoms associated with the ailment. There are different therapies employed to make dogs with osteoarthritis feel better, one of them is Joint Supplements. Supplements like Glucosamine and Chondroitin are commonly used to reduce inflammation, promote healing and increase water retention in the cartilage, which provides more cushioning for the joint. Not many brands produce CBD treats that contain these supplements. The best CBD dog treats option is the CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain + Mobility (300mg) by Penelope’s Bloom.

Special Ingredients
CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain + Mobility (300mg) by Penelope’s Bloom is a special formula for nursing damaged joints back to health, reducing inflammation, and serves as a preventive option for canine osteoarthritis. This is made possible by the active ingredients in the treat formula such as full spectrum CBD, turmeric root, boswellia, glucosamine and chondroitin. These ingredients make a strong comeback against joint problems and can help your dog become active and mobile again.

When should I give my Dog these Treats and How Long does it take to Work?
The beauty about the CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain + Mobility by Penelope’s Bloom is that it is really tasty. It can pass as an appetizing snack in between meals, as dessert, whatever goes for you. The longer you give your dog this treat, the higher the possibilities of preventing arthritis or relieving the symptoms of full-blown joint damage. After consumption, it could take 45-60 minutes before the effects become pronounced.

What is the Recommended Dosage of CBD for Dogs with Joint Pain and Mobility Issues?
This is dependent on your dog’s weight. Weight and the metabolism of CBD are closely related and determine the dosage you could give to your dog. The recommended dose you could start with is 5mg of treats for every 20 pounds. The CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain + Mobility contains 10mg of CBD and other ingredients per treat. If you follow the recommended dosage, one CBD treat should serve a 40-pound dog. However, if this doesn’t really seem effective, no worries. You can consult a vet on the best dosage for your dog.

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