Atmos Bullet 2 Go Review

The Atmos Bullet-2-Go is a handy vaporizer pen designed to vaporize flowers, oils, or waxes. This is probably the smallest vape we here at Vape Forest have ever seen and its size is a huge plus. Many people like to take their vaporizers with them on the go and the Bullet-2-Go is ideal for travel. You can charge the battery using any USB port and it will stay charged for a full day. What’s really impressive about this vape is how quickly it heats up. The Bullet-2-Go features a one-touch activator and it reaches vaping temperatures within a matter of seconds on a fully charged battery. It doesn’t get too hot in your hand, which is nice, but there’s no temperature gauge to see how hot your chamber is getting. Although it’s technically compatible with all three ingredients, it’s not really ideal for dry-blends; we noticed that leaves tended to burn up and there was some residue left on the sides of the cartomizer. For oils and waxes, this is an awesome device. With concentrates the Bullet hits very cleanly and provides great results. Also with the concentrates, you don’t get the same smell that flowers produce. This makes it an ideal travel companion. It looks just like an electronic cigarette so no one is the wiser.

How To Use The Atmos Bullet

Charge your Bullet with the USB adapter for an hour until the indicator light is static. To use, simply load a couple pinches of blend or dabs of concentrated into the chamber, screw the mouthpiece back in and click the activator button rapidly 5 times to unlock the unit. Once it’s unlocked, just hold down the activator to start the heating process. After about 3 seconds you can begin inhaling slowly. When you’re finished, just click the button 5 times rapidly again to lock the unit.


The Atmos Bullet-2-Go is made with durable stainless steel casing. The casing is anodized in either black, silver or gold and the heating coil is powered by an internal lithium-ion battery.

Included With Every Purchase

Each and every Bullet comes with a battery, cartridge, battery charger, and manual (instructions). Here’s an easy to read the list of what’s included:

  • 1 x Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 x Bullet-2-Go Cartridge
  • 1 x Wireless USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

How To Clean Atmos Bullet To Go

Regular cleaning is an absolute must with your Atmos Bullet-2-Go in order to ensure flawless performance, extending the life of the unit. If you don’t clean the vaporizer, you are likely to encounter an array of troublesome issues such as uneven vaporization, caked on residue, and worst of all—combustion! If your mouthpiece sticks when you twist to remove it, your chamber is in need of a thorough cleaning. Unfortunately, Atmos does not provide a cleaning tool for their Bullet-2-Go but the vaporizer store we got ours from provides a free tool with every purchase so you’re good to go. If all else fails, a trusty pipe cleaner is a good option.

Bullet To Go Warranty

The manufacturer’s website states the following: “After your initial 30 days of owning an AtmosRx device has passed, we offer a one-year replacement program covering the Battery, USB and Ceramic Heating Chamber. In the event either of these items needs to be replaced, the battery and charger price will be reduced to only $12.95 – $19.95 (depending on product) per part to cover shipping, handling and processing fees.”

Technical Information

Heating Time: Less Than 1 Minute

Temperature Range: 0-380°F

Method: Conduction

Type: Portable, Electric, Pen, Direct Draw

Is Bullet-2-Go The Best Pen Vaporizer For You?

Overall the Bullet-2-Go is not the highest quality vape but it’s a solid value; it’s a great purchase if you’re new to vapes or if you’re on a budget, but it’s not ideal for the discerning vaporized. While you can treat it like a one-hitter for loose-leaf vaping, using blends in this device is tantamount to burning them with a torch. It’s best to stick to the concentrates in your Bullet-2-Go and get a more expensive dry-blend-only unit if you want to make the most of your flowers.

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