Are Flavored E-Cigs Targeting Children?

Anti-smoking groups claim that flavors have a major impact on children’s decision to start smoking. I disagree with this stand for many reasons and throughout this article, I will share my personal opinion on the matter.

There are no scientific fundaments to say that children that start smoking are strongly influenced by the fruity flavors of e-cigarettes. There are not any published studies to prove this affirmation and it is not because of lack of funds to carry them out. The Anti-smoking organizations count with monetary support from the government and major pharmaceutical companies.

Most likely, this statement has not been tested because they don’t want to confirm what they already fear: that their theory is false. Maybe they already did tests and never released the results because they found out that they were wrong.

Another thing that makes me extremely suspicious is the double standards. Large companies like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer make billions on smoking cessation products in the United States. Their list of products include over the counter fruit flavored nicotine drops and yet, nobody is complaining about these or stating that they can appeal kids and hook them into nicotine. Does this mean that when it comes to big pharmaceutical companies, everyone turns a blind eye?

Moreover, It has seen written evidence in which these companies admit to encouraging the antismoke groups that they support, to “bring policy change” even if they cannot directly back up these campaigns. In other words, there is no issue with them selling flavored products aimed at the same market that electronic cigarettes sell to, but electronic cigarette companies must face major criticism for doing the same.

The major pharmaceutical companies count the money and the power to crush competition and with the support from the government, they are almost unstoppable. This is why I am critical with all these concerns and declarations from the so-called independent anti-smoking groups.

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