Iolite Vaporizer Review

Portable Vaporizers Author Design Quality Cost The Iolite Classic is an old school vaporizer: portable, efficient, and cordless. In a market where most electric vaporizers offer warranties not just for their vaporizer but for their battery, the simplicity of classic butane is refreshing for old school vapers. Compact and durable, the Iolite follows the design of classic lighters using butane gas ignited through a stainless steel heating apparatus to apply even heat in cycles to your dry blend. Iolite’s loading chamber, located below the mouthpiece, is protected with a screen and provides a streamlined delivery system for direct draw inhalation. All the necessary maintenance and cleaning tools required to properly maintain a butane-source vaporizer are included in the purchase package. Finally, the Iolite battery comes with an impressive two-year warranty; protecting you from factory flaws and unfortunate accidents.

Iolite Vaporizer Temperature

The original Iolite uses repeated heating cycles in order to achieve a temperature hot enough to produce vapor. First, you trigger the butane gas and ignite it using external controls. The vaporizer then begins a repeated heating cycle, as indicated by an orange light, to achieve a temperature sufficient to produce vapor. The best way to recognize when the vaporizer is hot enough to produce vapor is to listen for the butane hissing when the orange light is active. If the butane is audibly present then the heating cycle will be repeated. If there is no hissing sound the heating chamber is hot enough to produce vapor.

Dimensions & Power

The Iolite Classic Vaporizer comes in a compact and durable frame ready to stand up to daily rough and tumble. Weighing a solid one pound, this sturdy vaporizer is a favorite among customers due to its ability to absorb a drop or pinch. The vaporizer measures 2.2’’ x 1’’ x 4.2’’ and is cordless, as it uses a butane power source. The butane power source means there will be no battery malfunctions and no cords to plug in when you want to use your vaporizer. The butane gas that powers the Iolite is the same gas used in common lighters for years. Simply fill the Iolite with butane gas for around 5-10 seconds and you’re good to go.

 How To Use

Iolite Vaporizers To start your Iolite classic vape, simply switch the butane gas on and press the starter button to ignite the vaporizer. Within a minute the Iolite should be hot enough to produce vapor. You can tell your vaporizer is hot enough when an orange light appears on the Iolite indicating the necessary heating cycles have taken place to reach temperature. The heating apparatus itself is stainless steel. You need to lift the mouth piece out of the shell of the vaporizer to access your loading chamber where you can load your dry blend.


The Iolite Classic features a compact and sturdy frame that will resist snapping and breaking far more than a pen-style or e-cigarette style vaporizer. Manufactured in Ireland, the Iolite has a butane canister at its bottom, mouthpiece and loading chamber on top, and a stainless steel heating apparatus within. Easy to pocket and easy for people with packed schedules, the Iolite line continues to offer portable and practically constructed vaporizers.

What It Comes With


The Iolite vaporizer is shipped to you including a small packet of goodies. Purchased with the vaporizer is an extra screen for your filling chamber to protect your dry blends as well as your heating apparatus. A cleaning brush and brass maintenance tool are both included to keep your Iolite in tip-top shape. The extendable mouthpiece is a nice tough to offer versatility for all customers and then a zipping carrying case to tuck your vaporizer away during travel. Finally, of course, the Iolite vaporizer comes with its own instruction manual for use, maintenance, and butane refilling. In summary:

  • 1 x Extra filling chamber screen
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Brass maintenance tool
  • 1 x Extendable mouthpiece
  • 1 x Zipping carrying case
  • 1 x User manual

 Cleaning & Maintenance

Of course, all vaporizers require regular cleaning and maintenance to both prolong their life and ensure quality vapor. The Iolite Vaporizer however, facilitates arguably the most important aspect of its use; refilling the butane. Filling the butane is simple enough by simply up turning a butane source for 5-10 seconds filling the bottom canister in the vaporizer. However, should a bad batch of butane or some unfiltered gas slip, though; you will need to totally empty your vaporizer of all butane within. Fortunately, included with the Iolite is a brass tool used to remove all butane from your vaporizer. This is called purging. Though the odds of you needing to void and purge your butane gas are small, should the need arise Iolite has you covered?

Iolite Vaporizer Accessories

The Iolite Classic Vaporizer comes with optional accessories. In addition to the screen, case, and maintenance tools included in the package, other perks are available. Iolite offers a bonus package offering a choice between a JOLITE butane canister with a volume of 300mL or a three piece acrylic grinder to go along with your Iolite vaporizer.

 What It Works

With This section is for those of you wondering what types of blends will work with this particular model. The Iolite Classic is a dry-blend vaporizer with a loading chamber for dry blends. It is recommended that you only use it for dry blends, not for essential aromatherapy oils.

 Iolite Vaporizer Warranty

Iolite comes with a whopping, guaranteed two-year warranty. When included with the fact that there is no battery, therefore no need for a battery warranty that is frequently much shorter than the vaporizer warranty, Iolite has you covered. With a two year warranty, you can rest assured that should a fault surface in your product; you will be covered by Iolite.

Technical Information

Heating Time: Less Than 1 Minute

Temperature Settings: Repeated heating cycle producing vapor within 3-5 cycles.

Type: Portable, Butane, Direct Draw

Size: 2.2’’ x 1’’ x 4.2’’

Is Oglesby & Butler’s Iolite The Portable For You?

If you’re looking for a butane-powered personal vaporizer, the original Iolite is not a bad option, but then again, there’s a reason why it’s referred to as the “classic” or “original.” The reality is, these days, there are a lot more portables to choose from than there were when this one came out. Even Oglesby & Butler, the company behind the Iolite vaporizers, has newer models to choose from: the Wispr and the updated version known as the Wispr 2.

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