Flavor Concentrates and e-liquids

Flavoring is arguably the star of the show in e-liquids. One of the main advantages of vaping is that you can savor the taste of your favorite treats, and this is all thanks to the flavoring added to the blend. If you are thinking of venturing into DIY vape juice, you may have a lot of questions about flavoring. The purpose of this brief article is to provide answers to all those nagging questions.

What is Vape Juice Flavoring?
You cannot just put any flavor in your vape juice, its the flavor vapour. Whatever you use has to be specially formulated for vaping. Flavorah is one of the leading supplies of e-juice flavoring. The company’s e-liquid flavor concentrates are made with food-grade ingredients in a safe facility that has been inspected by the FDA. Flavorah’s e-juice flavoring contains either propylene glycol or ethyl alcohol. However, they do not contain diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or any other diketones. This company has been around for over five years and continues to make a name in the industry thanks to the exceptional quality of its products.

What Flavoring Can I Use to Make an E-Juice?
There are no limitations to the type of flavoring you can use in your DIY vape juice. Whether you want candy, beverage, dessert, bakery, or any other flavor, the choice is yours. You can go with your gut feeling. There are many vape juice recipes online that you can use to determine which flavors go well together. If you want to play it safe, you can use just a single flavor for your e-liquid. The only important thing is that you get your flavoring from a reputable brand like Flavorah. This way, you can guarantee that what you are vaping is safe and will not affect your body negatively.

How Much Flavoring Can I Add to My E-Juice?
The amount of flavoring you add to your e-juice determines the intensity of the e-liquid flavor. There is no clear rule that determines the amount of flavoring to put in your vape juice. However, you have to calculate the percentage. There are many online calculators to help you determine exactly how much flavoring to use and the intensity of the e-juice flavor that you’ll get. If your flavoring makes up around 5 percent of your e-liquid, the taste will be mild. However, 10 percent and above starts to give you a bold flavor. It is not advisable to put more than 20 percent of flavoring in your e-juice as the flavor can end up being very intense.

Can I Add Flavoring to an E-Juice?
Have you ever bought an e-liquid or made one DIY and realized that the flavor intensity is weak? Well, you will be glad to know that you can add flavoring to your e-juice. Just a few drops of flavoring can go a long way to enhance the flavor of your e-liquid. Sometimes, when your e-liquid tastes a little weird, a little steeping may be what it is required to enhance the flavor. So, consider steeping before you add more flavor to an e-juice. Also, if you decide to add more flavor, make sure you steep the blend before vaping it. Never vape flavor concentrate straight because this is not safe.

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