Eleaf Istick 60w Review

This is my review of the E-cigarette I purchased from the 180 Smoke ,Vape Shop but first, I phoned the company to ask their permission to see if I could take out the full description of the product and also add a picture to the Gazette, so people could know what I had purchased.  Of course, they said yes, they were very helpful just as they were when I ordered my E-cig, and I also sent them an email afterward to let them know how happy I was with my purchase.  They asked me to write a testimonial and naughty me, I haven’t done that yet, but I most definitely will stay here again!

First off you have a pic of what I received, and by the way, it arrived the day after I ordered it, first impressions and all that FREE USA DELIVERY.

Eleaf iStick TC 60W Full Kit with Melo 2 Tank

Featuring The Eleaf iStick 60W batteries, EleafEleaf iStick 60W TC Box Mod and New TC 60WLeafMelo 2 Top Filling Clearomizer, plus ELeaf EC TC-Nickel coils all in one handy kit.

180 Smoke is proud to present the Eleaf iStick Kit, the stylish replaceable 18650 (Sold Separately) batteries combined with the quality and taste of the ELeafMelo 2 Top Filling Clearomizer and ELeafEC TC-Ti Atomizer Head.

Best of Both World’s

Was this kit designed to give a perfect answer to the question – Clearomiser or Cartomizer? 180 Smoke decided to give both, making this the best kit for new customers to buy.

The battery is an 18650 Battery ( 18650 High Drain battery sold separately. Buy it here.) with stylish shiny green trim with chrome trim. Three clicks on/off feature (so you don’t end up using it in your pocket!). 180 Smoke have included the latest version of the ELeaf Melo 2 Top Filling Clearomizer in this kit feature longer wicks for more flavor and better vaping. The cartomizers are from Eleaf, renowned in the industry as the best. These are standard resistance and work correctly with the Riva batteries. 180 Smoke have also given a drip tip which makes using the cartomizers more pleasurable.

ELeaf iStick TC 60W Box Mod Features

510 threading
Temp. Ranging from 100° C to 315° C
Wattage Ranging from 1W to  60W
18650 Battery (Replaceable and Sold Separately)
Very High-Grade Aluminum based Body
Spring-Loaded Connector for Brass
Atomizer Resistance ranging from 0.05 Ohms  to 1.0 Ohms and for standard mode, it is 0.15 Ohms – 3.5 Ohms
Battery Width: 38.5 mm  Length: 90.5 mm Depth: 27.5 mm

ELeaf Melo 2 Clearomizer Features

Pyrex Glass Tank   4.5ml
Body Build   Stainless Steel
E-Liquid System   Top-Filling
Valve  Airflow Control
Threading  510
Drip Tip  Stainless Steel Wide-Bore Stainless Steel Wide-Bore
Diameter  22mm
Compatible Atomizer Coils  EC TC-Ni Coil, EC Coil, EC TC-Ti Coil, EC Coil, Atlantis/Triton Coil


Melo 2 Top Filling Clearomizer
60W TC Box Mod
EC TC-Nickel coil
Melo 2 Replacement O-Rings
Micro USB Cable
EC TC-Ti Atomizer Head
User Manual

The kit is easy to set up

Clearomiser  Unscrew the tip –

Fill the clearomiser with liquid, screw the clearomizer tip back on then screw the clearomizer onto the battery, press the switch on the battery and start vaping!
Cartomizer – a video has been provided at the bottom of the page to give you an insight of how to fill the cartomizer.
The batteries supplied are EGO / 510 thread and are compatible with most EGO / 510 thread accessories.
The clearomizer supplied can be used on EGO / 510 thread batteries.
It is recommended to using the charger provided with the kits to maintain battery life.

About the manufacturer

180 Smoke Store only sell the best.
Eleaf starter kit makes some of the best, compact and super stylish Eleaf Melo 2.’

Eleaf has one of the best reputations in the industry for clearomizers.

Sub-ohm cartomizers are most commonly used due to its taste and reliability.

The Eleaf Melo 2 Top Filling Cartomizers, built to last, reliable and perfect for flavor and throat hit.

My Review

Firstly, I bought it for the high price of $62.95 but, that’s a lot of equipment that you get for your money.
If you decide you want one too, you will see that the price has been reduced (I don’t know how long for, I didn’t ask) from $69.95. Now after having vaped using an eGo-T™ which arrived without any instructions from my previous supplier, and had to phone my son before I could use it. Using the Eleaf iStick 60W was an absolute joy, but of course, I had the video as well. I found their site to be much easier to navigate than the one of my previous supplier and way more informative and professional.

I was in heaven with my kit, and just for the sake of novelty, I tried a cartomizer, as I hadn’t used one before, and as you can see from the pic, there are several.  I chose the menthol e-liquid, and it was so nice. It supplies me the instant hit of nicotine and nicotine alone with a hint of mint settled me right down.

As you can also see in the pic there is a Hangsen 10ml bottle of E-liquid, I chose organic blueberry and organic Bed of Roses. Unfortunately, my previous supplier didn’t have organic, and I really wanted to give it a go, and I have to tell you that there is most certainly a difference between organic and synthetic, although both do the same regarding giving you a nicotine hit. The smoothness and taste of the organic are something else.

Either way, give both a try, you never know, you may prefer the synthetic, and it does make a big difference in the price. However I have found that I smoke less of the organic than I did the artificial, a personal thing perhaps?

Eleaf iStick 60W is the ultimate in starter kits. There is everything you need, small and compact, yet when you open it up, you have all these compartments holding everything you can need to quit those 4000+ chemicals. Unlike my other e-cig, this is built to last. Yes I’ve dropped them a few times, and no there is no damage, no scratches, they work perfectly, don’t take too long to charge up. That’s another thing, this company thinks of everything as both batteries came fully charged! I was like a kid in a candy shop when I first opened it up.
I cannot recommend this highly enough I want to write so much more and I will tomorrow or rather later today, it is fast approaching
My final words on this starter kit, for now, is if I had to mark the company for their service it would be 10 out of 10.
The product for working as efficiently as the instructions say it will that would be 10 out of 10 too, and if I keep saving cash the way I am that’s a sure fire 10 out of 10!

PS: Don’t forget that if you do make a purchase from 180 smoke either by phone or on their online store, please search for the discount quote to claim a further 5% discount with this vape shop.

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