5 Scams to Be Aware of When you Buy Electronic Cigarettes

As with any product and service, there are unscrupulous sellers of products…electric cigarettes are no different.
And considering how new they are and how fast they’ve grown in all parts of the world, electric cigarettes are especially vulnerable to this kind of manipulation.

So what’s an e-cigarette buyer to do?  What should you look for?

Continue reading to learn about the 5 most common scams in the electric cigarette industry today. Being aware of these issues can help you choose the best e-cigarettes for your money.

1.Quick, Cheap – Actually More Expensive

This is generally true advice on getting the right price when it comes to e-cig. It is also an effective method of avoiding these scams. This is because they’re often centered on an impossibly good offer or even the notion of getting something entirely for free.

Scammers always try to get you to hand over all of your personal details by convincing you that their offer is the best deal you can get. They prey on you like bargain-hunters. We know that if it is something good, it’s better to spend more.

So pay more and get something dependable and reputable that will satisfy your vaping needs.

2. Beware of Subscription Scams and Free Offers

While getting something for free is always desirable, there are plenty of products and services that lure buyers in this way but in no way gives you anything for free, or for a fair price for that matter.

Many unscrupulous e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers engage in this practice…the catch?

You’re signed up for a subscription where they automatically send you cartridges at an extremely inflated price.

There are generally no refunds available. After receiving a lot of complaints from across the country, the Better Business Bureau issued a warning in April regarding this issue.

3. Be wary of exaggerated claims regarding cartridges

Another tactic more shady e-cigarette retailers use is to say cartridges equal a whole pack of regular cigarettes and things like that. Claims like this just absolutely cannot be made.

First of all, every smoker is different so by extension, how long a cartridge lasts can vary as well. Second, a regular smoker will have to usually go outside or otherwise stop what they’re doing to smoke a cigarette. E-cigarette users, or vapers, on the other hand usually use the electric cigarette throughout the day.

In general, a cartridge equals anywhere between 3 and 8 cigarettes. Some contain more but that’s generally reserved for the big ‘cartomizer’ models that last a whole day for an average user.

4. Be suspicious of over-priced starter kits

Any smoker or interested adult must buy an e-cigarette starter kit to begin enjoying electric cigarettes. But many models you see in stores and in malls usually carry a much higher price tag to cover branding and overhead costs.They’re also generally re-branded from some base model.

Try to avoid any unknown and overpriced vaping products. When you finally decide to buy something that compares the product prices with similar product selling websites or read the related. When you first see Njoy Convenience Vaping System $150, you might think that it isn’t too bad, unless you read any reviews like Njoy Review and realize that similar Vaping kits are available for around $19.99 pretty much anywhere else.

Look into various online e-cigarette retailers for a much better deal. Check out Ecig Reviews and ecig forums to see which brands would work best for you. E-cigarette starter kits range in price – anywhere from $25 for the most basic ones to $130 for ones with a lot of accessories.

5. Don’t buy claims that you can use them anywhere

While it’s quite true that you CAN use them just about anywhere and not really bother anyone, there is the matter of whether you’re allowed or not. Many cities and counties have passed e-cigarette ordinances as well as big institutions like universities and hospitals. Allegheny County for example recently passed an e-cigarette ban. Now, vapers will have to re-join regular smokers outside.

These are just a few of the most common claims unscrupulous vaping guide.We’re always here to help – whether through our knowledge center and blog – or by email and phone.


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